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Thread: Star Ocean: First Departure [ULUS-10374] CWcheats

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    Default Star Ocean: First Departure [ULUS-10374] CWcheats

    Cwcheats for the Star Ocean: First Departure game

    _S ULUS-10374
    _G Star Ocean: First Departure
    Code: Skill Lv Max 1
    Author: []
    Cheat: 0x60227780 0x0000000A
    0x00000001 0x0000005D
    0x60227780 0x00000A0A
    0x00010001 0x0000005E
    0x60227780 0x0A0A0A0A
    0x0002000D 0x00000060
    0x90000001 0x00000000
    0x60227780 0x0000000A
    0x00000001 0x00000094
    Code: Special 1
    Author: []
    Cheat: 0x60227780 0x01010101
    0x00020005 0x0000003C
    0x90000001 0x00000000
    Code: Sp Max 1
    Author: []
    Cheat: 0x60227780 0x000003E7
    0x00010001 0x0000001A
    Code: Roddick 255 Skill-Points
    Author: [reAlsTyLa]
    Cheat: 0x00CB011A 0x000000E1
    Code: 9999999 Fol
    Author: [reAlsTyLa]
    Cheat: 0x20CAFC98 0x0098967F
    Code: 9999999 Fol
    Author: [reAlsTyLa]
    Cheat: 0x20CAFC98 0x0098967F
    Code: 99999 money
    Author: [Soul_Seeker_Mick]
    Cheat: 0x00CB2BD8 0x0001869F
    Code: Save Anywhere
    Author: [Ghaleon]
    Cheat: 0x2012C3F0 0x17E00004
    Code: Encounters Off
    Author: [Ghaleon]
    Cheat: 0x2012C20C 0x10000C9C
    0x2012C224 0x10000C96
    0x2012C234 0x10000C92
    Code: Encounters On
    Author: [Ghaleon]
    Cheat: 0x2012C20C 0x10A00C9C
    0x2012C224 0x14200C96
    0x2012C234 0x14200C92
    Code: Immediate Encounter
    Author: [Ghaleon]
    Cheat: 0x2012C20C 0x00000000
    0x2012C224 0x00000000
    0x2012C234 0x00000000
    Code: Debug >open menu>up>accept
    Author: [Ghaleon]
    Cheat: 0x2011132C 0x2408000E

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