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Thread: Ys The Oath of Felghana CWCheats [ULUS-10558]

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    Default Ys The Oath of Felghana CWCheats [ULUS-10558]

    _S ULUS-10558
    _G Ys The Oath of Felghana
    _C0 INF HP/MP/Special
    _L 0x203B9B00 0x4479D0C0
    _L 0x003B9B0A 0x00000064
    _L 0x003BA5AA 0x000000FF
    _C0 MAX Exp
    _L 0x203B9B18 0x497423F0
    _C0 Max Gold [999999]
    _L 0x203B9B2C 0x000F423F
    _C0 MAX Raval Ore [999999]
    _L 0x203B9F3C 0x000F423F
    _C0 Combo MAX [999]
    _L 0x203BA5DC 0x000003E7
    _L 0x203B9DEC 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E2C 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E30 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E34 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E38 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9DF4 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9DF8 0x00000063
    _C0 UNLOCK ALL Accessory's
    _L 0x203B9D98 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D94 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D90 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D8C 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D88 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D84 0x00000063
    _C0 UNLOCK ALL Armors
    _L 0x203B9D80 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D7C 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D78 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D74 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D70 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D6C 0x00000063
    _C0 UNLOCK ALL Shields
    _L 0x203B9D68 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D64 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D60 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D5C 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D58 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D54 0x00000063
    _C0 UNLOCK ALL Swords
    _L 0x203B9D50 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D4C 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D48 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D44 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D40 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9D3C 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E40 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E44 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E48 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E4C 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E18 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E14 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E10 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E08 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E04 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E00 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9DFC 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9DE8 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9DE4 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9DE0 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E5C 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E60 0x00000063
    _L 0x203B9E64 0x00000063
    _C1 By Baldassano

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