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Thread: Final Fantasy VI Advance (USA)

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    Default Final Fantasy VI Advance (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes
    Top Inf Health Slot1 GameMasterZer0 82002E78 270F
    Top Inf Health Slot2 GameMasterZer0 82002E7A 270F
    Top Inf Health Slot3 GameMasterZer0 82002E7C 270F
    Top Inf Health Slot4 GameMasterZer0 82002E7E 270F
    Top Infinite Health Everyone [In-Battle Only] GameMasterZer0 42002E78 270F 00000004 0002
    Top Map modifier 74000130 02FF 82001F64 ???? 74000130 02FF 82000082 ????
    Top Monster Group Modifier 820011E0 ????
    Top Shop Modifier 32000201 00??
    Top Complete Beastiary 42039800 0063 000001A3 0002
    Top Enabler Code 0000F914 000A 10133444 0007
    Top Enabler Code Alt 0000F914 000A 100F4F6C 0007
    Top Enabler Code Alt2 0000F914 000A 100F4F6E 0007
    Top Have All Items 42039131 6363 000000FF 0001 42039010 0100 010100FF 0001
    Top Have All Key Items 82001EBA FFFF 32001EBC 0009
    Top Have All Magicite 82039000 FFFF 82039002 7FFF It's possible to have 2 more pieces, but the last 2 spaces on the list are supposed to be blank for unequipping any magicite, and the two that can fill these spaces are buggy
    Top Infinite High Gil 32001862 0097
    Top Infinite Maximum Gil 82001860 967F 32001862 0098
    Top Morph Time Maxed For Every Battle 32001CF6 00FF Morph must be enabled for this code to be useful. You can use morph for the maximum amount of time with this code enabled, but it can still run out during battle. The benefit is that you don't have to get it charged up for the next usage
    Top Move Faster, and No Random Battles 320011DF 0022 Have Sprint Shoes and Moogle Charm effects. If you turn off the code, enter and exit the menu to end the effects of either of the items you don't have equipped
    Top No random battles (world map only) 82001F6E 0000
    Top Press down + select at the status screen to change that character's commands as if they were gogo. 74000130 037B 32020C2E 0003
    Top Press Down + Select at the Status Screen to Enable All Abilities For Selection 74000130 037B 4202625E 0201 0202000F 0002 3202627C 001F Gogo, or people you use the Gogo code on, can select all abilities from the menu
    Top Press L + A at main menu to enter party select menu 74000130 01FE 32020C34 000D
    Top Save Anywhere 32001EB7 0080
    Top Save Game as Beaten 3203900A 0001 Enables Sound Test. Save the game to a slot and reset, then pick the last option on the list to access available bestiary info, and the sound test. I'm not sure of what affect this could have on the game, so you may want to leave a save in slot 3 until you really do beat the game

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